The small, friendly school & college

Welcome to Buzz Learning

Buzz Learning, the small friendly school and college, specialises in preparing children and young people for adult life. Established in 2004, we are firmly rooted in our local community and committed to providing education and further education to equip our learners with the skills, experience and qualifications they need to progress into successful adulthood.

Our Mission, “Be All You Can!” underpins all our work and we are fully committed to our Vision, which is that we are recognised as

  • a learner-focussed organisation committed to making a positive impact
  • a valued partner in the delivery of high quality learning in the north east, and
  • an established provider of high quality vocational and developmental training to commercial entities and individuals across the north east.

Independent Special School

Buzz’s school is registered with the Department for Education, registration number 929/6004, and delivers education to learners aged 13 to 16 who have SEND.

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SEN College

Buzz’s college has been in operation since 2004 delivering education to young people aged 16 to 24 who have SEND.

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